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Worried about someone living alone? 30% of over 65s live alone.

Usually fiercely independent and not wanting to be a bother to others, help them to maintain their independent living for longer with the unobtrusive support they need to stay safe and well 24/7, giving themselves and their families that peace of mind.

With our suite of smart health, wellbeing, and safety solutions, vulnerable people can maintain their independence. Being proactive and predictive these solutions mean that you’re no longer caught off guard with changes to health conditions or safety events, in many situations, smart decisions can be made before an incident occurs. Using rule-based notifications, health professionals, carers and whanau have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be informed about changes to health or incidents in real-time.

Home Care Smart Sensors

Motion Fall Detection

Outdoor Geolocation

Medical Status Notifications

Emergency 24/7 Alert

Vigil Care provide a holistic wraparound service. Our team of experts assist with installation and setup, as well as providing a world-class 24/7 critical care monitoring service, and ongoing support to users as required.


Perfect for you older relatives or those living with a disability or chronic health condition.

Is mum up and about? Is she eating regularly? Has dad made himself a cup of tea yet? Memo Hub® answers these questions and provides reassuring insight into their wellbeing. The system consists of the Memo Hub® and a selection of unobtrusive sensors (not cameras), with the Memo App displaying sensor information.

As a family member or primary care giver, you can use the Memo app to keep up-to-date with the day-to-day activity of your loved one and get alerts. In-home smart sensors (not cameras) gather information over time to predict possible issues. Using rule-based notifications, carers and whanau have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be informed about changes to health or incidents in real-time.



Smart wearable devices are helpful when a traditional panic button cannot be reached. Wearables are intuitive and simple to use, enabling anyone to have their freedom while knowing that if they need assistance, it’s just one button press away. We stock a wide range of lightweight device options, including watches or pendants worn on the wrist or around the neck. With Geolocator, useful for those who still like going out-and-about regularly.

Linking to third
party healthcare
monitoring devices

Blood pressure, heart monitor, diabetes – Need more info maybe a list of what it can link to? With your permission, we can give a medical professional, password protected access to a secure portal, to view medical information gathered by a smart device. This enables them to make informed, evidence based and proactive decisions about health care monitoring products. We’ve reimagined how health, wellbeing, and safety is managed 24/7.

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