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A thermometer is used to measure body temperature which indicates whether you have a fever, and can be helpful in diagnosing other conditions too.

Features and specifications

  • Waterproof Probe Design: Easy to clean. Users don’t need to worry about inter-infection.
  • User Friendly: Due to our unique design of the measuring software, users don’t need to have special skill to operate this device.
  • Big LCD Screen: It’s easy to read. This advantage is especially benefit to elders.
  • Function: Ear/ Forehead 2 in 1 Infrared Thermometer
  • Display Resolution: 0.1°C or °F
  • Backlight Function
  • Memory Function: 30 sets
  • Battery: 2 “AAA” batteries
  • Measuring range: Human Body 10°C ~ 50°C(50.0°F~122.0°F)
  • Object: 20°C: ±5%
  • Measuring Accuracy: Human Body: 36°C~39°C: ±0.2°C; outside the range: ±0.3°CObject: 20°C: ±5%
    Certified CE medical & FDA devices​

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